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Fraternities Museum

The idea behind setting up the on-line Museum of Polish Academic Fraternities is to present the history of Polish fraternity movement, making use of the items collected in the Fraternities Archive.

The movement history dates back to the year 1816 when Polonia – the first fraternity was set up and is continued until today (vide About Fraternities). This outline is followed by more detailed descriptions on particular periods of Polish fraternity movement history. The history in question was portrayed in two-dimensions i.e.: by presenting fraternity centres and particular organizations. Logically, all seven university centres of pre-war Poland are identified (vide Vilnus, Warsaw, Lviv, Poznan, Cracow, Lublin and Cieszyn). Apart from that a separate tab provides general information on two fraternity groups: the oldest ones, running their activities yet before the First World War (vide Fraternities 1816-1914) and also the other ones active in the interwar times but outside Poland (vide Fraternities outside Poland). Information on particular fraternities is provided using this matrix and background.

At the first stage, given some incompleteness of information possessed, information on ca. 35 fraternities will be presented. It is planned to add subsequent pages on next fraternities when the archive is more completed (vide Survey).

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